Q&A: How Australian 5/6 students are using Dreamscape to engage in reading

Written by Kyle

Sasha Lucas is a Digital Technologies Leader & Senior Teacher at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Primary School, Cranbourne East, AUS.

Australian teachers list Sasha are using Dreamscape in the classroom to engage students and track the progress of important reading skills.

Please describe how and when you use Dreamscape with your students?

We use Dreamscape during the morning reading CAFE block. Kids are able to login independently and do the activities while I have a group doing guided reading with me.

Students love Dreamscape because it is right at their level and targeted activities challenge and allow them to grow in a fun way.

Have you seen any improvements in your student’s reading scores as a result of using Dreamscape?

Children are excited about going on Dreamscape and that makes the English block more fun and engaging. They have also moved up in reading skill via the technology and activities kids are using on Dreamscape.

Have your students’ attitude toward reading changed because of Dreamscape?

Yes they are more engaged and happier to learn reading via the interactive fun program. Proof that they love it is in the fact that they play the game at home increasing their time spent reading. Parents also love it for this reason!

How does Dreamscape compare to other educational and reading resources that you use?

The program is extremely interactive. It is also easy to use, bot lagging and fun! I love getting the report of students’ results with their reading levels, so I have more data on how the kids are progressing and where we need to work.

Students love Dreamscape because it is right at their level and the targeted activities challenge them with rigour and allow them to grow in a fun way.

Sign up for a free account to play the games with your students at https://dashboard.playdreamscape.com/register


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