Educator Twitter Chats for Reading and Literacy

Written by Dreamscape

Participating in Twitter Chats are a great way of finding a sense of community in a discussion-based format. Below is a list of twitter chats, specializing in the promotion of reading and literacy. 


When: Every other Sunday @ 7 PM EST

Description: Connects passionate educators with books, and with each other.


When: Thursdays @ 8 PM EST

Description: Great place to talk about language learning.


When: Wednesdays @ 4 PM EST

Description: Featuring discussions on educational books, #edbkchat is an excellent resource for continuing education.


When: Mondays @ 7 PM EST

Description: Where English teachers share ideas, resources and inspiration.


When: Last Thursday of the month @ 2 PM EST

Description: Throughout the chat, participants collaborate on a book and publish it online.


When: Once a month, on Sunday @ 8 PM EST

Description: Chat about promoting reading and teaching literacy.


When: Wednesdays @ 9 PM EST

Description: An in-depth K-12 Literacy Discussion, co-hosted by two educators, passionate about promoting literacy.


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