Start the New Year with Free Classroom Printables from Shoelace

Written by Kelly Linhares

The start of a new year often marks a time for reflection, setting goals, and embracing fresh opportunities. For educators, this transition back into the classroom after the holidays presents a wonderful chance to inspire and engage students in thoughtful introspection. To make this process both fun and meaningful, Shoelace is thrilled to support with a free PDF download of classroom printables aimed at igniting your students’ imaginations and aspirations.

New Year Classroom Printables

What’s Inside?

This downloadable resource features three captivating printables designed to kickstart meaningful conversations and reflections in your classroom:

1. New Year’s Resolutions

Encourage your students to ponder their aspirations for the year ahead. This printable provides a dedicated space for them to jot down their New Year’s resolutions, fostering a sense of purpose and goal setting right from the start.

2. Dream Jar Activity

Inspire creativity and vision with a “dream jar” worksheet where students can fill it with their hopes and dreams. This activity prompts them to take initiative, empowering their imaginations to soar.

3. 2023 Retrospective

Reflecting on the past year is a powerful exercise. This printable provides an opportunity for students to revisit both the triumphs and challenges of 2023. By recalling their best moments and obstacles, they can gain valuable insights and resilience for the year ahead.

How to Use These Printables?

These versatile resources can be incorporated into various classroom activities:

  • Morning Meetings or Bell Ringers: Kickstart your class by discussing resolutions or sharing dream jar entries.
  • Journaling Sessions: Encourage reflective writing and personal growth by dedicating time to complete the retrospective worksheet.
  • Group Discussions: Foster a sense of community and empathy by allowing students to share their reflections with peers.

Download Your Free Printables Today!

Elevate your classroom experience in 2024 by integrating these engaging printables into your lesson plans. Download your free PDF today and empower your students to envision their best year yet.

Wishing you and your students a fantastic start to the new year filled with learning, growth, and endless possibilities!

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