Benefits of Player Memberships

Written by Neesha Desai

The Premium membership is built for educators to help make you the hero of your classroom. With it, you can send your players in-game rewards with custom messages, challenge them with class missions, and help them take their learning to the next level with assignments tailored to their needs.

Go from hero to superhero with player memberships. With player memberships, players gain:

  • Access to exclusive rewards like the coveted “fancy chest”
  • The ability to earn every season reward
  • Race every world in Drift

By giving them access to these (and other) benefits, player motivation skyrockets.

And this is where the benefit for you comes into play.

  • Players with memberships play more (30% increase in play sessions). 
  • And playing more, means they attempt more questions (4 times as many as non members!).

In the 2022-2023 school year, players with memberships attempted an average of 750 questions, each! That’s a lot of learning.


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