The importance of online privacy for children

Written by Naomi Jackman

As parents, we want to ensure our children’s safety and privacy while they explore the digital world. As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for us to be aware of the data-collecting capabilities of products that are marketed towards children. For example, many apps, websites and “smart toys” have embedded sensors and cameras that can collect audio or video information about children without their knowledge or consent.

We should look for products with certifications like COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), which protect children from having their personal information collected without their knowledge or authorization. Additionally, there are third-party organizations such as KidsSafe that audit products specifically designed for children to make sure that they are free from data collection and secure for use. Companies such as Shoelace Learning have gone through rigorous processes to earn all of these certifications, and our products can be trusted by parents who do not want to worry about their child’s private information being compromised.

Another great way to ensure your child is using safe products is by getting recommendations from teachers or school personnel. Many schools and districts have formal Data Privacy Agreements in place with companies, meaning the products they use in the classroom are highly secure and compliant with safety certifications. By following the guidance of our children’s educators, we can rest assured that our kids are using only high-quality and safe digital tools while learning.

Ultimately, understanding the data-collecting capabilities of products marketed towards children is important for us as parents to ensure our kids’ safety and privacy. By looking for certifications like COPPA, FERPA, and KidsSafe or getting recommendations from teachers, we can rest assured that our kids are only using the best products available.


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