Twitter Chats for K – 12 Educators

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Twitter Chats are great for joining a community of educators while gaining advice, learning about new ideas and generally feeling connected to those in the same field. Below is a list of general education twitter chats for you to join. 


When: Thursdays @ 7 PM EST

Description: #EDCHAT is one of the first education chats on Twitter and is extremely popular.  This chat has nine moderators and covers a broad range of topics suitable for educators and administrators. 


When: Wednesdays @ 10 PM EST

Description: Find out how to improve your education strategies from this resource for instructional coaching.


When: Saturdays @ 6 PM EST

Description: This chat discusses the unique challenges facing elementary educators in today’s world. , Join educators every Saturday as they discuss ideas and strategies to address these challenges.


When: Mondays @ 8:30 PM EST

Description: The perfect chat for early learning educators around the world, focusing specifically on students in Kindergarten.


When: Thursdays @ 8 PM EST

Description: A chat focused on middle school education and the issues and challenges that come with this student group.


When: Sundays @ 10 PM EST

Description: A thought-provoking chat about education topics and ideas.


When: Tuesdays @ 8 PM EST. 

Description: Learn about leadership, management, and more in education and beyond. 


When: Wednesdays @ 9 PM EST

Description: Learn about the latest in classrooms from other teachers in this chat.


When: Tuesdays @ 9 PM EST

Description: This chat offers an excellent resource for learning about project-based learning.


When: Mondays @ 7:30 PM EST

Description: Discuss topics related to formative assessment, from giving effective feedback to giving students more ownership of their learning.


When: Thursdays @ 10 PM EST

Description: For educators who want to discuss urban education.


When: Wednesdays @ 8 PM EST

Description: For connected principals and those interested in school leadership.


When: Tuesdays @ 9 PM EST

Description: Students and teachers in special education come together for this chat.


When: Tuesdays @ 9 PM EST

Description:  Great chat for those interested in customizing professional development to meet the needs of each educator.


When: Wednesday @ 9 PM EST

Description: Find out what’s on the minds of parents in this online parent-teacher chat.


When: Wednesday @ 10 PM EST

Description: Focuses on positive issues, taking action and the kids.


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