5 Reasons to Use Shoelace Learning for Test Prep

Written by Dereka Thompson

At Shoelace, there is nothing more important to us than assisting students with improving their reading comprehension skills. We are committed to making it as fun, exciting and engaging as learning ever can be. That includes helping your readers get prepared for various exams and assessments throughout the school year. 

To do so, in the summer of 2022, we gathered a dedicated group of teachers, curriculum specialists and authors to develop resources to help your students in their journey towards acing their exams. 

Complying with the standards and requirements of various states, our test prep materials consist of passages aimed at identifying the students’ areas of weaknesses and assisting them with additional practice. All that is done in a fun, motivating format – a lot of the time, students don’t even know they are studying!

So, WHY should you use test prep in Dreamscape?

5 Reasons to Use Shoelace Learning for Test Prep

1. Students Love It. Our test prep assignments are delivered to students directly though our base-building game, Dreamscape, making them ideal for STEALTH assessments. This format reduces testing anxiety and allows players to remain engaged while they prepare for the upcoming testing.  

2. Detailed Reports. Progress reports are updated after a player answers each question within the test. With these real-time reports, you can quickly collect formative data to identify areas of improvement for your class, as a whole, or for individual students if your are on the premium plan.

3. No-Prep Additional Practice. An added benefit is that you can easily assign additional skill practice after reviewing your students’ performance. Simply navigate to the assignment tool in your dashboard and create an assignment based on the skills or genres your players need more help with.

4. Leveled Practice. Our test prep ranges from grade 3 – 6. If you or your colleagues teach multiple grade levels, have students on IEPs, or have students who may not be at grade level, you can assign the appropriate test for individual players. To unlock more advanced levels of our test prep assignment, upgrade to premium here.

5. Accessible Anywhere. Our test prep can be scheduled and assigned for in-class completion or at home for additional practice. Additionally, with a premium plan, your entire class can prepare for testing season together by pairing practice sessions with with our Class Missions feature.

Like other features, such as individual assignments or Class Missions, test prep can be easily incorporated into your daily class activities.  Shoelace Learning’s test prep assignments are an invaluable tool to help your students absolutely smash their tests.

Visit your educator dashboard to schedule a test prep assignment or learn more about the skills and state standards aligned to each test.


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