How Students are Learning at Home with Dreamscape

Written by Kyle

Melissa Saisuwan is a Grade 7 ELAR Teacher at Wichita Falls Independent School District in Wichita Falls, Texas

Melissa discovered Dreamscape accidentally while looking for ways to help her struggling students with gaps in their learning.

How and when do you use Dreamscape with your students?

I usually use Dreamscape during tutorials and for additional work and learning at home. This is roughly 2-3 times a week with my students and children. I use the data collected during formal and informal assessments to identify struggle areas and create personalized, targeted assignments through the program to help with their specific needs. The program also provides an engaging way to build skills covered in the TEKS and on the state STAAR test.

How are you using Dreamscape as a tool for learning at home?

My students who use Dreamscape for learning at home regularly show improvement by the end of the school year with their class work. Since we are currently distance learning, I ensure that I assign new tailored assignments every week. I also love how the the program automatically adjusts for students who struggle consistently. This allows for students to have more control over their learning.

Also, I wanted my family to try Dreamscape before I brought it into the classroom. I did this to see if it was a valuable tool for students around their age. Having children who, in fact, struggle because they are not challenged enough is also a problem we sometimes see in school. Seeing this in my own home and how it works, I now have a way to combat that!

“I can still tailor struggling students’ work even without being there physically.”

Have you seen any improvements in your student’s reading scores as a result of using Dreamscape?

My students showed improvement towards the end of the year with being able to connect to the questions and comprehending what it was asking. Even if they did not get the correct answer, they could explain why they chose that answer with proper support and understanding. With my own children, learning at home with Dreamscape has greatly benefited their reading skills!

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to add?

I know it sounds corny, but this program is a dram. I get to have my children work without fighting, and it gives my students a choice in their learning.

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Thank you so much Mellissa for thinking of this now me and other kids can have fun but in a educational way


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I love it so much


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