4 Reasons Why Seasons Are Great for Reading Practice

Written by Dreamscape

            Giant fireballs battling fierce storms, dinosaurs that walk the earth again, and a maiden voyage that comes face-to-face with the dreaded Kraken –  these are just a few of the exciting seasons featured in Dreamscape that help to boost reading practice.   

Seasons are special events that run a few times throughout the calendar year. During seasons, Dreamscape players are challenged to answer a set number of comprehension questions correctly to earn season rewards. At the end of a season, the rewards are locked away, sometimes never to be seen again.

Here are 4 reasons why Dreamscape Seasons are great for reading comprehension practice.

Gary Jones avatar from season 9 is an example of a captivating season reward designed to increase reading practice.
Gary Jones, avatar reward from Season 8: Shipwreck

1. Increase Reading Engagement

Firstly and most importantly, seasons make reading practice fun! Each season has an engaging storyline, unique art and rare rewards that boosts the gaming experience. Combine this with Dreamscape’s other popular game features, such as streak rewards, challenges and resource collection, and you have an exciting reading practice activity that kids beg for.

2. Increase Reading Motivation

Seasons run for a limited time. The urgency of needing to answer questions correctly before time runs out is a motivating factor for players to read passages and answer questions correctly. As players advance through the season, they must answer more questions correctly to collect increasingly better rewards. And of course, the best rewards require upwards of 100 questions to be answered correctly!

While seasons are plenty motivating on their own, there are also exclusive member rewards available to our most dedicated players with parent memberships or teacher memberships

Season 9: Circuit Quest featuring "Flash Drive", an avatar reward

3. Increase Reading Confidence

While working towards season milestones, players begin to answer questions of increasing difficulty. If questions become too difficult, Dreamscape adjusts the comprehension level to help players maintain their confidence as they power through questions to collect rewards.

4. Increase Reading Stamina

Lastly, with time constraints and motivation to collect coveted rewards, players are encouraged to read independently, stay focused, and demonstrate comprehension of each passage they encounter. Naturally this builds reading stamina while players gain exposure to various passage types and genres. 

Seasons are the perfect time for educators and parents to create assignments in Dreamscape. While players are focused and encouraged to demonstrate mastery, you can assign practice questions for specific reading comprehension skills where your players may need improvement.

Excited about seasons yet? You can learn more about our current season here!

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